Dark Matter

Its found! Dark Matter is confirmed! It has been found in filaments making a “bridge” between the galaxys Abell 222 and Abell 223. Dark matter is a substance that is invisible and is only sensed by its odd gravitational pull. Theories suggest that these dark matter filaments connect galaxys to make clusters. This finding helps out that theory. Many people have dedicated most of their lives to searching for dark matter but it has never been found until now. And what better time to find dark matter than after the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle because scientists believe the Higgs Boson has something to do with dark matter.   Sound Off! Do you think that humans should launch a dark matter telescope into high earth orbit to find and study more dark matter? Write your answer as a comment please. Also keep in mind that the Hubble would not work because dark matter is invisible. Dark matter makes up about 80% of the universe so it should not be hard to find it using the right tools!

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