Shuttle Atlantis: Last Look Inside


From top to bottom:

1)This is a look out in the payload bay. This was where the EVA’s were conducted and many satellites were deployed from this bay. Truly beautiful, indeed!

2)This is a look out the Shuttle Airlock. This was the way the astronauts got out into the payload bay to conduct EVA’s

3)This is a view of the Aft flight deck. The seats, galley, waste management system, and crew equipment lockers have been removed.

4)This view is of the panel that controled rendezvous, docking, and control of the CanadaArm.

5)This photo is of the flight deck inside Atlantis. The seat on the left is the Commander’s and the seat on the right is the Pilot’s.

These photos come from All credit goes to them.

The Shuttle Atlantis will go on display at the Kennedy Space Center in July of next year. It will be displayed as if it were flying in space; hoisted at an angle with the payload bay doors open.

Atlantis has always been my favorite shuttle. Atlantis made the last shuttle flight exactly 1 year ago to the day today on STS:135.





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