Olympic Series: 2(First 5 days)

Congrats to Missy Franklin (@franklinmissy)on winning the gold in your swimming event. That must bring a lot of hope and happiness to your hometown of Aurora, CO, where the Mass theatre shooting happened not long ago. You have made your country very proud!

Congrats to Ryan Lochte for winning the gold in one of his swimming events too. You must have felt proud for not just getting the gold but for beating Michael Phelps who didn’t even medal. You have made your country proud too!

Congrats to the synchronized diving team of David Boudia(@davidboudia) and Nick McCrory for winning the bronze. It takes a lot of practice to be able to dive almost exactly in synch with each other.

He’s not in Team USA, but Tom Daley(@tomdaley1994), after getting 4th in synchronized diving, was attacked by malicious tweets from someone. The tweets ranged from “Your father is disappointed in you”(Daley’s father died not long before the 2012 olympics) to “I’m going to find you and drown you”! This person was later arrested (in Britain it is illegal to threaten people on Twitter.) It is amazing to even be able to dive like that so people really don’t need to threaten people like that!

So far everyone has been doing good in the Olympics. I will be posting updated like this every few days.


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