Book Review of “The Last Man On The Moon” by Eugene Cernan and Don Davis

The book”The Last Man On The Moon” is one of my all time favorites. Gene Cernan is my favorite astronaut, and I wanted to learn more about the man. And who better to learn from than the man himself?!?

The book starts in the very beginning of Gene’s life and goes through all throughout his life. During his time as a member of the US Navy to the time of his 3 spaceflights,Gemini 9, Apollo 10, and Apollo 17, to his time on the lunar surface(and I believe he has captured this part better than anyone else), to finally settling down and talking some about his private life. It really captures the feeling of actually being there, from the time of good to the time of bad. His rendition of being on the lunar surface is amazing. He gives details about the landing on the surface, walking on the surface, and to being the last man on the moon. He really tells all about what he was thinking during his time in “Camelot”. He talks about how beautiful the Earth is to talking about the orange lunar soil found by him and crewmate Jack Schmitt.

I believe this book is one of the greatest space books ever written. And to top it all off for me, I was able to even send it to Gene himself through the mail to sign for me. I wrote him a long letter and included the book and sent it to him through the mail. I got it back beautifully inscriped and signed with this: “Dream The Impossible, Then Reach For The Stars. Gene Cernan” I talked about being a young person and how he had been a huge influence on my life. I think he really captured that in the inscription.

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