Celebrating the Landing of the Curiosity Mars Rover

In honor of the landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars, NASA Glenn Research Center hosted a Curiosity event at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, which I attended yesterday. The event ran from 1-6 pm on August 5 before the rover landing at 1:31 am on the 6th. I had a wonderful time learning and doing all things space and Mars.

These are all of the space and Mars materials Glenn gave out at no charge! It was very kind of them to give all of this material out to 400+ people!

This is me at the “Picture Yourself On Mars” booth they had there. I wish I was on Mars now for real, but someday I will be.


This is Astronaut Greg Johnson and I. He was giving out autographs and I was able to get my photo with him. I gave him a hand drawn photo I made for him and he seemed really amazed that someone actually gave him something! I will write him a letter of thank you and tell him I was the person who gave him the art.

Even the very young kids got to take part in the program. The little kids could make edible rovers,make foam rockets, draw Hubbles, and make edible Mars. This is my little sister Addie making the edible rover.

Very fitting: I got to see 1 of the 3 Viking Mars lander biology machine. For the other 2, you would have to go to Mars!

Thank you very much NASA, NASA Glenn, Astro Greg H. Johnson,and The Cleveland Museum Of Natural History. I learned a lot and thank you for celebrating this world changing event.

And now on to Curiosity:

Curiosity is a 1 ton scientific Mars rover. It is the most advanced space probe ever created.Curiosity landed at Gale Crater after the “7 Minutes Of Terror” including entry, parachuting, and a final touchdown using a rocket powered SkyCrane! Curiosity will search for the building blocks of life at Gale. Its projected lifespan is 2 Earth years, but after the MER rovers were projected to last 3 months and one is still going now 8 YEARS later,it could last a lot longer that 2 years. Curiosity gets its power from a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator(RTG), which is mumbo jumbo for electicity generated using decaying plutonium. The power source will last 80 years, a lot longer than the rover.

This photo was taken by the HiRise satellite. It shows the rover in its heat shield parachuting to the surface about 6 minutes into the landing sequence.

This is the very first photo taken by the rover on the surface of Mars. It was taken by its rear HAScam. It shows the shadow made by the rover and a rover wheel.

For more info on Mars and Curiosity go to:



This landing is a stepping stone toward the first man on Mars that I am working to be by way of my space ex. company in 2029. Mars is my generations frontier and our 2nd step toward venturing out into the Universe. Today is also Neil Armstrong’s birthday and Curiosity was the perfect birthday present for the first man on the moon. Curiosity will make discoveries that are amazing and I am glad I am young during this so I will have a great chance of being the first to step on Mars. Thank you NASA for continuing to amaze me with everything you do.


4 responses to “Celebrating the Landing of the Curiosity Mars Rover

  1. Nassem, This is a wonderful blog. How exciting to get to meet Astronaut Greg Johnson. Looked like lots of fun 🙂

  2. Thanks for all of the information Nassem ! I really enjoyed reading your blog. Keep your goals in sight and I KNOW you WILL reach them !

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