Hi there! I’m Nassem and I am in love with anything space or space exploration. I am a younger person and I hope to someday be an astronaut and astronautical engineer in my own space exploration company when I grow up and work toward the goal of this first half of the 21st century, landing on Mars!

I will be blogging about current space related news, space products from space stores, and reviewing space books. My mom is a book reviewer on WordPress also. Her blog is ” Oh, For The Hook Of A Book”. A love of reading is in both of us so I thought I would try reviewing space books on here also.

If you have a book that you have written related to science, exploration, space, space exploration, or time-space shoot me an email about the book at almehairinassem@yahoo.com and if I like it I will read it and review it for you on here! If you have not written a book but know of one I should review shoot me an email also with the title of the book and I will consider reading it.

Some websites are about space collecting for money. I am not a person that does that. I do write astronauts and people related to current and former space exploration letters because being so young, they inspire me.

Thanks for coming to my blog.

Happy Reading!

Nassem Al-Mehairi

P.S.: Anyone that follows this blog gets the title of Spaceaholic! For example the title for someone named Dave is ” SpaceAholic Dave” and everyone gets that title. But watch out, I’m King SpaceAholic Nassem so this is my kingdom! Just kidding:)


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